Cute (but a little weird) Baby Girl Names I loved but didn’t use.

Naming a baby is easy right because we all have a list of names on our phone right?

Growing up with a unique name Shayla I’ve always been obsessed with thinking of baby names.

So yeah, making a list is easy… the kicker is when you have to AGREE on a name with your spouse. Or if you let anyone else in on the name you’re thinking. The first piece of advice I have is, just keep it to yourself until you have it narrowed down, or heck until the birth certificate is signed!

When we were thinking of baby names I found the tinder of baby name apps called “Baby Name“. You literally pair up with your partner on the app and it will show you the “matched” names you have!

Another thing I looked up are things to consider when naming your baby and found this random article.
A few important ones to consider are: the initials of the baby, anything the name may rhyme with (if recess is even a thing, kids are ruthless out there!), there is also a thing about having different syllables in the first last and even middle name. For example the first name would have 2 syllables, the middle has 1 and last name 3 for example: Sara Jane Anderson, an interesting thought.

Finally, one thing Seth and I did that was actually kind of fun was going through our little girl’s life with the name. I’d prompt him with a time in her life and he’d have to use the name (I can’t believe he played along).
For example:
Me: A brand new baby. Seth: “Hey Baby girl, Aliya!”
Scold a toddler: “Aliya knock it off!”
Graduation: “Congratulations Aliya James”
Her Boyfriend: “Aliya! Are you ready yet?!”
Job interview: “Thank you for coming today, Aliya. Can you please tell us about your experience?”
Grandma: “Let’s go see Grandma Aliya”

Often names are SO cute for babies, but not always for a working professional.

I REALLY wanted a gritty name. One that wasn’t too feminine. I wanted it to be unique (no top 100) but not TOO weird. I always felt like Shayla was different but didn’t make you go “wtf”?
We wanted to use the middle name Lynn but when we chose Aliya, Aliya Lynn felt way too girly so we opted for a grittier Aliya James and I love it.

Okay let’s get into it! I’m also going to link each name at if you want to look into them further!

  1. Beck / Beckham lynn – living near a stream.
    Yes, this name come from the show “You”. I would have loved just Beck but felt like there needed to be a longer name so that’s where beckham came from but to me it Beckham sounded very much like a boy.
  2. Easton – From the East town
    I loved this I thought it sounded strong and could even have a cute nickname Esty… maybe. Does everyone think of the nickname first? Seth said that will just come!
  3. Weston – From the West town
    Between East and west we are way more west coast people so I thought Weston would make more sense but Weston felt like way too much of a boy’s name.
  4. Affey – Does not come up in search
    We literally made this name up. We pronounced an Irish name wrong but then I really liked it! It’s like Abby but not… it’s Affey.
  5. Millie Lynn – strong worker
    This was THE NAME for like half of my pregnancy and a while before that. Then one day Seth just decided he wasn’t that into it . . . so we were back to the freaking drawing board! I also heard it a couple of times during my pregnancy and panicked that it was too popular and so we started searching again.
  6. Mayson /Maisyn – Stone worker/ Bricklayer
    This is obviously, traditionally, a boy’s name but I thought the spelling made it more feminine and cute!
  7. Billie – Resolute protection
    I think this was a play on Millie.
  8. Romi / Romey / Romi / Romy – dew of the sea, or rosemary (herb)
    TOP NAME ALERT! This name to me felt very traveler and I absolutely loved it. Rosemary is apparently the long form but I prefered the abbreviated name.
  9. Jane – God is gracious
    Minimalistic, traditional but still strong yet soft. Does that even make sense? Idk I just think it’s cute.
  10. Jude – Praised
    YES, a strong boyish name that felt super hip and unique for a girl.
  11. Charly – Free man
    A lot of people will name their baby Charlotte and call her Charly, I think that’s cute but I’m digging it as its own name as well.
  12. Tatum – Tate’s homestead
    I think all the parents would say “oh like Channing?” and all the kids would be like “Who?” I think Tatum Elizabeth or something would be so cute. And her nickname would be TATE! CUUUUTE!!
  13. Wynn – fair, pure
    After putting it on this list and in the video I think I don’t like it as much. I think she’d be called “Winnie” and I’m not down with that. But the nice thing is it’s one syllable so that leaves some good play for a middle name?
  14. Indy / Indi – independent
    GREAT traveler, unique name! I think there is a lot of character with this name.
  15. Drew / Drue – strong and manly
    We have a family member named Drew (not Andrew just Drew) but I thought Drew or Drue/Dru to be more feminine is such a cute girl’s name!
  16. Adly / Adley / Adleigh – Does not come up in Search
    LOVE this! I first heard this name when I was chatting with a girl (Adly) on a plane and I quick added it to the list of baby names on my phone!
  17. Emerson – Son of Emery
    Emery – industrious
    Emmy – work; universal
    ALL OF THESE are so great! Such a good strong solid name.
  18. Ester (Esty) -star
    I might skip Ester and just go with Esty as the full name. I think Esty is the cutest!! Ester I’m not as sold on. I watched a whole movie where the main character’s name was Esty and fell in love with it.
  19. Elizabeth – pledged to God
    So strong and traditional! This name came up when I was like she’ll be judged immediately at a job interview if she has a weird name, whats a pretty yet traditional name that would be good?
  20. Malia / Milia / Milea (Lynn) – bitter / rival
    We loved Millie, we loved Aliya. So Milia was born. I really enjoy this Hawaiian name. Then you have nicknames Mia and Mila which are SO popular. So if they were too popular you could stick to the Milia 🙂
  21. Logan – little hollow
  22. Reese – ardor
    For me Reese with a “s” was more feminine than Reece with a “C”. This doesn’t quite feel like a tomboy but it’s not too girly.
  23. Thea/o – goddess, godly
    Long form “Theodora” my sister shot back “Dora the explorer!” No. Thea. SO I think I’d just go with Thea. I like the simplicity and the girliness of the “a”. Seth prefered Theo… which is why we couldn’t choose this name.
  24. Evie / Eve– life
    Evelina – desired; or water, island
    Everly wild boar in woodland clearing
    Obsessed with Evie but Evelyn is SOOOO popular right now so I was trying to come up with something else that I could name her and still calle her “Evie” so that is where Evelina and Everly came in!
  25. Blake – fair-haired, dark
    Blakely is popular right now but just blake for a girl is soooo cute.
  26. Ada / Ava – noble, nobility, life
    Short, strong and love the “A”
  27. Carter – cart maker or driver
    This is 1000% a boy name, can it work for a girl? My sister is actually the one who told me this one, and I love it.
  28. Chase – to hunt
    I literally thought just now “I couldn’t name her chase she needs to be the one who plays hard to get. Labeling theory people look it up! What you name your kid matters!
  29. Amelia – work
    Can also be spelt with an “E” Emilia and then you can call her Emmy!!
  30. Norah – woman of honor
    I love Norah Jones, thats 100% where this name came from.
  31. Camille – young ceremonial attendant
    The website asked if I wanted this for a boy or girl! I think it would be a cute boy name! Nickname: Cam/Cammy
  32. Cruise / Cruz – cross
    This kid will be the coolest kid in their class if her name is Cruz/
  33. Vera – faith
    This feels super sophisticated and old money to me lol
  34. Hallie – dweller at the meadow by the manor
    There isn’t anything fancy about this name, Idk why I liked it I just did lol
  35. Dylnn / Dylan– son of the sea
    I realized after making this video that spelling the name Dylnn doesn’t make a ton of sense… does it? I was thinking Lynn but obviously a little dyslexic lol
  36. Lennox – elm grove
    Seth told me there is a printer/copy company called Lennox, I had no idea. Lenny for a nickname is cute and the “X” makes it strong and masculine.
  37. Harriet – estate ruler
    Minnesota is the land of 10k lakes and Lake Harriet is one of them. Not a fan of the nickname “Harry” though.
  38. Freya – a noble woman
    All I can think of here is Frida. Apparently Freya is a Dutch Goddess… so thats pretty cool..
  39. Aliya / Aliyah / Aaliyah – heavens, highborn, exalted
    I can’t tell you how many pregnant nights I stayed up trying to figure out how to spell this freaking name! And even after she was born second guessing it.
    The popular R&B singer spelt it Aaliyah and I wan’t down with that. I wanted something much more simple, Seth wanted to keep the “y” and Aliya is eventulaly what we agreed on.
    Originally we wanted Lynn to be her middle name but we thought Aliya Lynn sounded too girly so we ended with Aliya James and I think it’s perfect.
    I wanted to nickname her Eli, Seth said AJ. I did not want Ali, or Leah but since I have begun to call her Ali Jay which I love.

    Anyway, I hope you found some good names here. Thanks for reading and share with anyone you know who might like the list!

xo Shay

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