Doctors told us the WRONG GENDER!

It’s a nice idea, right? To find out what the gender of your baby is?
Some people want the grand surprise after growing this baby for 40 weeks, I’ve heard it really is like nothing else!
I however am NOT one of those people. We had a Panorama Test done around 9 weeks that tested for fetal genetic testing but also GENDER… this was mostly why I wanted the test. I don’t know!! I thought knowing the gender would help me “bond” with this thing and then we could stop calling the baby “it” and say “baby girl” or “little man”… lame I know but that is what I wanted!

So we did the test. They called to tell me about the results at 12 weeks. PEOPLE THIS IS 2 MONTHS BEFORE AN ULTRASOUND that would confirm gender. And when they called I was getting out of my Uber to go into Seth’s sister’s wedding! They let me know that all of the genetic screenings came back negative (the actual important part) and asked if I wanted to know the gender!

Let me pause here.

A week prior we were at my Dad’s house for dinner (pre-COVID🙄) there were a few people there and someone asked if we were going to do a gender reveal party!
And to be 1000% honest, I had no one to invite! We had just moved back from living in Washington, we were living in my sister’s basement (which I loved) and I had been off galavanting the globe for the past 5 years so I didn’t exactly have a ton of friends to invite over to such a fun event!
Seth thought a gender reveal party felt “extra” so we decided we weren’t going to do that.
However, my heart desired a blue or pink confetti popper instead of a phone call SO…

I asked the nurse how we do the confetti popper thing. She explained we would need to come in to get a scratch of that we bring to Party City where the teenage clerk scratches it off, picks the color popper we need but peels off the sticker so we don’t know and sells it to us. SOLD! I told her we’d do that. The only problem was it was Friday, so this decision meant that we would have to wait for the entire weekend before we could even go pick up the scratch-off!

I see my sister when we get inside and tell her they called and I didn’t find out the gender, she said she’ll call and pretend to be me and find out so she could go buy the popper tomorrow instead of waiting ALL THE WAY until Monday.
But the wedding was starting…
Seth was in the wedding (because duh it’s his sister’s wedding) so I couldn’t even tell him they’d called!
As soon as they were married my sister and I awkwardly raced to the bathroom to call the doctors office hoping they’d still be open when we called.
They were! But they were also on to us and said that the doctor who would have to give the results was gone… played.

Seth could. not. believe. that I said NO to finding out the gender! He woke up the next morning (Saturday, still 2 days to go) and it was the first thing out of his mouth!

We eventually made it to Monday and woke up and immediately went to the doctor’s office to pick up our envelope and this was what was inside:

I thought it was kinda weird that they had written “baby B” I was hoping this didn’t mean “baby Boy” I felt like that was a pretty terrible way to do these cards.

After we snagged the scratch of we squealed over to Party City where a nice girl was there to scratch it off for us and give us our popper.

NEXT STOP THE KITCHEN TO OPEN THE POPPER!!! We got back to my sister’s house by 9am.

My sister was at her new boyfriend’s house and it was just Seth and me! We were getting all weird with excitement, and I had my sister there on FaceTime. We blew up the Instagram worthy gold balloons I bought that said “BABY”. I stood there SO nervous holding the “BABY” sign, I asked Seth his final guess he said, GIRL! I am not competitive in nature but I do love going opposite of people. In the video, I said, “I’m getting girl vibes but I’ve had a couple of boy dreams and to go opposite of Seth I say, BOY!” I think I was really trying to cover all of my bases here.

We set up the phone so my sister (on FaceTime) could see, plus an extra phone to record and Seth pulled the popper string… heads up, there is a HUGE lag time on this, like, I didn’t think he even did it correctly! But he did and after FOREVER of squirming around it exploded…
I was shocked. As soon as blue confetti coverd teh floor I wasn’t sure about a boy… I got the most awkward and was like A BOY?! My sister… who has known me her whole life said “It’s okay, Shay” that was how bad I was. All I could do was squeal back “What’s OKAY?!”
We looked at the scratch-off Party City girl put in the bag and confirmed it said BOY!

Something about having a boy just felt off… so I did what any sane person would do in this situation… I started pinteresting baby boy outfits to figure out what it will be like to have a boy… as if that makes any sense.
If you’re wondering, I was very excited about baby beanies…

Anyway! Fast forward to Wednesday, we had our 12-week doctor’s appointment where they did an ultrasound. I was messing with the nurse telling her we knew the gender but asking what she would guess from what she saw lol… she didn’t play along and had no guess.
After the ultrasound, we met with the Doctor who said all of the genetic screening came back normal and asked if we knew the gender. She said she never looks because she doesn’t want to slip up for people who don’t want to know.
We told her “YEEEES, we’re having a boy!”

After the appointment, we were in the lobby booking our next appointment when the Doctor came out kinda frantically asking us to come back into the room. My immediate reaction was um… no. You just said all the tests came back negative for there being anything wrong. But obviously, I followed her into the room.
She sat down and said, “So I know you guys said you’re having a boy… but I checked your paperwork after you left the room and you’re actually having a girl!” My jaw hit the floor!! I went from zero to ONE HUNDRED!!
Let me clarify something here real quick: a boy would have been absolutely FANTASTIC, but when blue flew all over the kitchen something didn’t feel right-

I asked her if she knew why they had written “baby B” on the card. She told me “baby B” is what they use for twins. So, likely someone had experienced a loss and the staff put the card back in the wrong box!!!!

YOU GUYS! If she hadn’t caught that it would have been another 8 weeks until the 20 week scan. Another 8 weeks of thinking this “Little Lady” was a “Little Man”!!
Because of this Seth still kind of doubted that she was a girl until she was born. haha

Honestly, we were just glad to have a healthy baby!

Later, we found out that someone else had received the wrong “Baby A” card and that they didn’t take the news as well… They no longer use scratch-offs…

That’s it! That is the story of how they messed up our gender reveal!

xo Shay

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