Minimal Must haves for the 2 weeks home

So i’ve been home now for about a week and a half and there are a lot of us going through this pregnancy/motherhood journey together (SO FUN).
Quite a few people are asking the essentials that I’ve need in that first few weeks.
Seriously, baby needs basically nothing all of these things are for you because… holy crap, our bodies did something wild and now we need to repair.

People have been raising babies since we existed, they’ve raised them in caves, vans, 1st world countries, 3rd world countries, castles, you get the drift. There are a million ways to do it, and very simple ways to do it. Products have been created to make our lives simpler… but sometimes in my opinion they can also complicate the process.

I’d like to consider myself a minimalist in the sense that I don’t like to have EXTRA stuff. I want to have the things I use and love and that is it.
SO in this list I want to be clear about WHY I put it on my essentials list and you can decide if it is something that you think you and your baby need.
I’m also the person that will pay extra for things I think are essential and the ones that aren’t buy from goodwill.

Just so you know, most of these links are affiliate or referral links meaning I make (a small) percentage of each sale. What this also means is I’d be so grateful if you do decide to buy, you click these links to purchase!

So here we go! 

What babies need:
1. Food:
All you need here is your boob if you’re going that route (we’ll get to the nipple butter in the “what mom needs” part).

2. Clothes
I put 2 outfits on my registry and have an entire closet full of clothes until about 6 months. People always want to gift outfits even if you don’t ask for them because BABY CLOTHES ARE SO GD cute!
There are also lots of people who are trying to giveaway their entire lot of clothes. If this happens to you, like it did for us, make sure to pay that forward!
For the registry, I used babylist.combecause I could add something from ANY store. See something cute on Insta? Add it, Target? Amazon? Anyyyywhere!!! You can even sync your Target/Amazon lists with your babylist
I didn’t do that I just went 100% with babylist. PLUS they have seriously helpful guides!

3. Diapers and wipes
We will be cloth diapering eventually, but we wanted to start with disposable and take on the cloth when we felt we had a grip on the rest (I don’t even know if thats a real expectation) but breast fed poops are water soluble so “clean up” is literally an extra load of laundry.
I’ve been told that pampers through infancy are worth the extra $5 over off brands because of the amount of liquid they’ll hold!
We use sensitive skin wipes and we dont use a warmer. I’ve heard they’re great when you’re home and create an absolute monster when you’re out and about without your warmer!

4. Burp rag
The amount of things I’ve used a burp rage for. Stuffing my bra to catch the leaky nipples. Burping (obviously) and when she spits up. When I start leaking before I can get the HAAKAA on or when she kicks the haakaa off and I need to clean up spilled milk on my belly or on her face.
However when I’m feeding I also use a baby bath towel because it’s bigger.

5. Somewhere to sleep

This is different for everyone, are you co-sleeping? Having a bassinet next to the bed? Crib? All of the above?
We’re co sleeping to start. This can be a cultural and controversial topic but for us it works. Please do your research so you do it safely or decide if its right for you and your family.
When we transition to the bassinet I’ll be looking for the halo bassinet becuase it swivels over the bed and the side comes down to easily get her out. Babies can sleep in for like 5 months (or until they show signs of sitting up) so I’ll be getting mine on FB market place (and quarantining in the garage for a bit) because new these gems are $250+!

6. Bath

I got THIS tub because the sling is so great for an infant and keeping that belly button clean (you need to keep it dry while its on and for about a week after it falls off. Con is that it’s not compact AT ALL. 

I also got baby washcloths from my registry, but totally not necessary if you want to use regular ones. I usually use an adult towel bc it feels warmer to me, she’s always so cold when coming out of the tub! But also they’re cute af. You decide.
We also have a flower thing for the sink that we’ll use once her belly button is totally dry and healed up and she can sit up on her own. 

Okay, what about mom?

First thing is first, depending on how your labor went, if you tore, if you had a c-section or vaginal birth, if you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding etc. will change the necessities you need.

I had a vaginal birth with a second degree tear + labial tear but I wouldn’t know if they didn’t tell me!
I’m choosing to breast feed exclusively to start, so with that information this is what I NEEDED for the first week.

For your lady bits:
Friday mama’s postpartum kitThis was literally listed on my registry as “the gift I wish I didn’t need” I was SO grateful I received it. It’s like $100 but I’ve used everything inside.

So this is what a bathroom run looks like after laboring a child.
1. Spray bottle
You’ll likely have some of those magic disintegrating stitches so you will not be wiping any time soon, instead you’ll essentially use a hand held bode. The hospital gives you one, the frida mom gives you a better one. If you dont buy the frida mom kit, at least buy this squirt bottle. 

2. mesh underwear, I think the reason why they’re so good is because they are not compressive and are more of a “boyfriend” fit which makes them sound cute.. they’re not. But they allow the GIANT diaper pads to stick with ease. Since I’ve transitioned to regular granny panties sometimes the sticky hangs off the sides… I got the mesh underwear from the doctor and from the frida mom kit. I’d say you’ll need about 10. One a day for about a week plus a couple extra.

3. Pads

Girl, the ones the hospital gives you are actual diapers… I can’t even comprehend them lol

When I got home I had SUPER DUPER pads super duper long for over nights and some that were laughable because they were so thin.
Well let me tell you, you dont need super duper long. But I’d still stick with the extra absorbent for about the first week. Now I can use the laughable “9 hr protection” ones. 

4. Witch hazel pad

Witch hazel is supposed to help with recovery. I used some of the witch hazel pads they give you at the hospital, some witch hazel liners from the frida mom kit, other witch hazel pads I got from target and even just cotton pads I soak with witch hazel. This I’ll keep up for a while. You just place them in your pad  go on with yourself.

5. Numbing cream
I got 2 tubes from the hospital and then one extra lidocaine from target normally used for hemorrhoids. A line of this goes on top of the witch hazel pads.

PRO TIP grab the front and back of the pad when you pull it up so your perfect display of witch hazel and numbing cream stays in place. But be warned you will lose them on the floor from time to time… when that happens they are dead to you, trash them and start over. 

6. Epsom Salt
If you have any sort of tearing from birth this is an amazing thing to (try) and do for 10 min/day. I was told 3-4x/day but I aim for at least once and then shower after. 

Breast feeding

1. Nipple butter-
I use an organic kind from earth mama. I like the smell of it, and that you don’t have to wipe it off before baby feeds (but I do anyway).
Breastfeeding is difficult but for me baby girl latched just fine and wanted to eat but our latch was wonky and holy moly did my nipples feel it. I bought the smaller of the two sizes if you wanted to get more than that I’d recommend getting 2 of the small ones. One for upstairs/ downstairs or one for home one for diaper bag.

3. Bra pads
Your nipples leak in the beginning. Normally I’d be of the mindset of its only for a couple of weeks I can deal with a burp cloth tucked in my bra. But let me tell you, when you diapers that are always full, having to change your own diaper (pad), and then leaky boobs its just too much.
One side leaks when baby is feeding on the other, they leak when you put on nipple butter, the leak when you get out of the shower, they leak… always as they’re filling with milk. The $13 is worth if for comfort. 

4. Nursing Bra
I basically thought I could do without a lot of the “things” needed for baby and for me. And for somethings, I was right…💁‍♀️

Unfortunately I thought nursing bras would be one. And though my sports bras have worked pretty well I’m confident its because we have had minimal visitors and I haven’t gone hardly anywhere.
Because I plan on nursing for… a while. I think this is an obvious investment for easy nursing. 90% of the nursing bra recommendations I’ve gotten are from Kindred Braverly. Even better? The more you buy there the more you save. I’ll be grabbing the bamboo nursing and maternity tank, sublime nursing sports bra and the hands free pumping and nursing bra and tank. I’ll let you know how I like them!

5. Boppy pillow
This is great for helping during breast feeding, in the beginning blankets and pillows worked great, but one morning my back was absolutely killing me and I looked up better posture for breast feeding. Feet need to be on the ground, low back supported by a pillow or blanket, and then the boppy pillow or a stack of pillows and blankets so that you dont have to hunch to get baby to boob. 

6. Haakaa Is a must if you’re not pumping yet but you want to store some extra milk (and relieve your boobs as your milk supply comes in!)

7. Nipple shields

I used these in the beginning and then not again, I actually wouldn’t recommend, they are nice because your raw nipples dont rub on your bra but the nipple pads with the nipple butter feels just fine. These things catch (a little bit of) milk but every time you bend over they shower your baby with the milk stored in them.

That’s all I can think of right now. I also love my eye mask for sleeping anytime/anywhere. But this is not new to baby haha

Oh and pads for you. I haven’t used the diapers